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Research Administration

Proposal Initiation

Proposal Submission Form for Principal Investigators

 Research Administration Submission Timeline


Notify Fund Manager of intent to Submit a Proposal
Send Proposal Starter
Provide Drafts to Fund Manager (Word format)
1. facility and resources
2. equipment
3. biosketch
4. animal/human subjects
5. letters of support
6. resource sharing
7. budget justification
8. data management and sharing plan
9. authentication of key resources
10. cover letter

DAY 2-11

Fund Manager Creates a Proposal for HSPPO Review
Investigator Prepares Draft Research Plan

DAY 12-13

7AM Final Version of HSPPO Research Plan Provided to Fund Manager (pdf format)
Final HSPPO Review for Submission

DAY 14

Provide FINAL to Fund Manager (documents 1-10) in Word and pdf format
Provide Drafts to Fund Manager in Word and pdf format)
11. research strategy
12. specific aims
13. references
7AM send FINAL Research Plan to Fund Manager

DAY 15-16

Finalize Research Plan

DAY 17

2PM SUBMISSION DEADLINE Send FINAL Research Plan to Fund Manager


Upcoming Submission Deadlines

in development

Portfolio Contacts

Research Administration Team Portfolios

Ann HilemanAnn Hileman
Lead Research Admin

PI Portfolio: Averbach, Emeruwa, Gyamfi-Bannerman, Jacobs, Laurent, Lewis, Warren, Lewis, Amanda, Mody, Teal

Marisol ChaconMarisol Chacon
Sr. Research Admin

PI Portfolio: Agarwal, Fisch, LaCoursiere, Meadows, Mellon, Pantham, Ries, Tan, Wilkinson, Williams (Varon), Cassin, Tonsfeldt, Zhu

Cynthia PenaCynthia Pena
Sr. Research Admin

PI Portfolio: Alperin, Brubaker, Burnett, Eskander, Lukacz, McHale, Schlaepfer, Shimasaki, Stupack, Routzong, Suyama

Christine AlbanoChristine Albano
Sr. Research Admin

PI Portfolio: Duleba, Church, Cook-Andersen, Kauffman, Lawson, Ramos, Su, Tarsa, Thackray, Woelkers, Sisk-Hackworth

OBGYN & RS Submission Proposal Timeline

OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences Internal Proposal Submission Timeline

Although our fund managers may live in various time zones, the below timeline is in Pacific Standard Time (PST) and our fund managers will adhere to PST. You can expect a response from your fund manager within 1 business day of initial intent to submit.

The OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences department has established a timeliness policy for routing sponsored research proposals to your fund manager. The policy is established to a) ensure researchers have the best chance of having their research projects funded, b) be compliant with ever-changing regulations, and c) have the best opportunity to identify inaccuracies or errors that can be fixed before being reviewed by funding agencies. To achieve these goals, the following timelines have been established:

  • 17 business days before the submission deadline (HSSPPO deadline is 14 days), the Principal Investigator (PI) must notify their fund manager of their intent to submit a proposal by sending the proposal starter and provide the required draft documents in word format (facility and resources, equipment, biosketch, animal/human subjects, letters of support, resource sharing, budget justification, data management and sharing plan, authentication of key resources, and cover letter) for the fund manager to create a complete proposal for HSSPPO review.
  • 3 business days before the deadline (HSSPPO deadline is 2 days), the final version of all documents (in word AND pdf format titled “final”) and a draft of the research strategy, specific aims and references (in word AND pdf format titled draft) must be sent to your fund manager.
  • Final version of the research plan must be sent to your fund manager in pdf format by 7AM PST the day of the deadline (HSSPPO deadline is 8AM PST) to ensure final HSSPPO review and guaranteed submission. Final version of the research plan should be submitted as early as possible but can be submitted up until 2PM PST the day of the deadline with no final HSSPPO review.

Proposal Submission Templates

Click here to download our UCSD-specific submission templates for your proposal. This will require UCSD AD login to our department Pulse website.

Below are standard NIH submission templates and examples.

Please also see NIH resources and sample applications: