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Decision Aids / Patient Counseling Tools


The Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet) is delighted to share its digital library, featuring curated reproductive health videos and documents available in Arabic, Dari, Pashto, and English. Explore the digital library at where content can be conveniently searched based on topics and languages. ReproNet also developed a provider tab that provides additional resources and how to use the materials in individual and group sessions.

Sexual and Reproductive Health for Afghans


A best practice for shared decision-making is to use a decision aid with patients during the counseling interaction. The contraception decision aid “Contraception (Birth Control) Guide” is designed to support the exploration of patients’ values and preferences and center patients. Patient resources available in English, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Additional Resources


MN Center of Excellence in Newcomer Health

Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers

North American Refugee Health Conference

California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative


The California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative is a multi-stakeholder organization committed to ending preventable morbidity, mortality and racial disparities in California maternity care. CMQCC uses research, quality improvement toolkits, state-wide outreach collaboratives and its innovative Maternal Data Center to improve health outcomes for mothers and infants.


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4th Annual Juneteenth Celebration

JULY 23 Birth Community Engagement & Symposia

Opiod Use During Pregnancy and Lactation


North American Refugee Health Conference

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